Create a Happy and Safe Environment with Improvements to the Home

with the Together in This course:

"Adapting Your Home for Dementia"

Keep Your Loved One Home Longer, Safer, Happier

Please watch this 1:12 video from Mike Good, founder of Together in This.

With a quality memory care community costing upwards of $100,000 annually, and trustworthy in-home care a challenge to find, you're left caring for your loved one at home without the proper training.
But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Can Adapt Your Home for Dementia, and:

  • Change the mood of the home and maintain a loving relationship when you transform your home with an orderly approach
  • Increase your peace of mind by incorporating dementia-specific safety measures
  • Have more “me” time by improving your home’s functionality to increase their confidence; prolonging their independence
  • Lift each other's spirit by fostering a stimulating environment of enrichment and purpose
  • Create a more pleasant home by eliminating behavioral triggers in your home environment
  • Shelter money now for professional care later
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Also, Receive These Premium BONUSES,
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30 Minutes with Mike

  • I want you to be successful, and what better way to help than through person to person support. Use your 30 minutes at one time, or two 15 minute blocks. Available via phone or video chat.

Bonus 1: Audio and Complete Transcript

  • Everyone learns differently and it's important you find the method that works best for you. Along with the video-based lesson, you receive access to audio versions which allow you to listen and learn while on the go. You also receive complete transcripts allowing you to read the lesson and highlight key points.

Bonus 2: Specially Created & Selected Worksheets & Materials

  • You can't be successful if you don't take action. These worksheets will help you evaluate your unique situation and take action. The additional materials compliment the topic and allow you to further expand your understanding of the topic.

Bonus 3: Ongoing Email Support

  • I'm here for you! If you get stuck or need help with your unique situation, I will be standing by, ready to help. Most responses will be within 24 hours, and will likely be much quicker; excluding weekends and holidays 🙂

Bonus 4: Product Suggestions

  • There are many inexpensive products that can help improve your situation but the choices can be overwhelming. I have narrowed down the choices for you, and have created a shopping experience that will save you additional time and money.


I am so confident that together we can improve your situation by Adapting Your Home for Dementia, that I will take all the risk.

With a focused approach where you implement the strategies I teach you, I'm confident you will see positive and possibly dramatic improvement in your home.

And I’m willing to back it up with a 30-day, money back guarantee!

That’s right. Your risk of buying this course is ZERO, because if you don’t find value and use it to improve your home’s environment, you will get every penny of your investment back, no questions asked!

Course Details

8 lessons over 8 weeks you can access anytime, anywhere, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

24/7 access to the online portal allows you to learn when you want and at your own pace.

Learn the way you like, with all lessons provided in video, written, and MP3 formats.

Actively learn and implement strategies more effectively with specially created bonus materials.

“You’ve done a terrific job of putting together a very useful and educational course for care partners. A fabulous job of educating us while keeping the information manageable.”

– Deborah, Caregiver for Family Member

Here's What's Included in the Course:

Module 1: Safety

  • Safeguards for the unique needs of a person with dementia
  • Two specially created tools to help you be prepared in case of a medical situation
  • A look at each area of the home with actionable steps to identify and incorporate safety measures to prevent mishaps
  • Inexpensive product suggestions to help you hit the ground running

Module 2: Function

  • Learn how to apply a person-centered focus to increase confidence and prolong independence
  • A step by step process to improve how your home meets the needs of you and your loved one
  • Strategies used by interior designers to help people with unique needs get more from their home
  • Simple solutions you can implement immediately to increase your loved one’s confidence and autonomy

Module 3: Stimulation

  • How to make purpose and accomplishment a regular ingredient of daily activities
  • Strategies for long-term fixes which improve the harmony within your home
  • How inclusion and “silent assistance” can help your loved one be successful
  • Specific activities to engage their senses, lift their spirit, and create positive experiences

Module 4: Triggers

  • An in-depth look at how your home is contributing to their behavior and decline
  • Learn about many of the common triggers, and how your own demeanor may be at the top of the list
  • Techniques to identify and eliminate causes of unwanted behavior
  • Key areas of the home to focus on and proven strategies to eliminate triggers
  • Why you should focus on the trigger and not the behavior

“The videos are very detailed. They are easy to understand (even for a person without a background in dementia). The additional resources and homework help to make the information both meaningful and relevant.”

– Deonna, Dementia Care Partner

Do You Know Mike?

Hi, I founded Together in This to help family members caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or other dementia.

My mission is to empower you to maximize the safety and well-being of your loved one while maintaining your own health and livelihood, and thereby, delaying the need for expensive assisted living.

I’m overwhelmed caring for my dad while struggling to maintain my career and family. To say I wear multiple hats is a huge understatement, because I’m responsible for EVERYTHING to do with the success (or failure!) of my dad’s livelihood.

I don’t need one more thing to do, and I certainly don’t have time to search the internet for more “solutions,” travel to a seminar, or read another book. Been there, done that.”

I’ve helped dozens of caregivers who like you are frustrated, fearful, and carry constant guilt that they aren’t doing enough. It’s a very lonely and demoralizing situation.

Taking incremental action is the best way to work yourself out of this hole. But you shouldn’t attempt this on your own.

I believe you need and deserve an instructor-led platform that empowers you to put actionable steps into place while getting the one-on-one support you need for your unique situation.

And if you agree, then this eight week course is right for you.

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“Your site is great at helping me teach in a very appropriate and very rounded way when it comes to teaching about Dementia and especially Alzheimer’s disease.”

- Suzie, Registered Nurse and Dementia Teacher


Well let's be honest, you can probably find any information that you want to online, but it doesn't mean that it's going to be easy. This course is about more than providing information - it's about providing guided support to help you succeed. Much like going to school, we could "just" go to the library, but we pay for structure, discipline, and to have a knowledgeable instructor guide us.

You spend the vast majority of your time at home, so what's the price of having a more relaxed home environment which improves your overall well being? And can you put a price on the safety and happiness of your loved one? One trip to the emergency room will cost far more than this course. By investing in yourself, and by implementing the strategies taught in this course, you will be reducing risks and care needs, which should result in lower expenses related to the care of your loved on.

Because you have 24/7 access to the online training portal for an indefinite amount of time, you are able to work on the material at your pace when your hectic schedule permits. So if you register now to secure the special price and limited offer, the course will be available when you are

I don’t have to tell you that dementia care is probably the most complicated situation, both physically and emotionally, that a person can be thrust into. Unfortunately, many caregivers underestimate the level of training needed. Reading a book, watching a video, or attending a seminar are good starts but at the end of the day who will be there to answer your questions? This course provides one-on-one support with resources to help you take knowledge and turn it into results you can see, feel, and enjoy.

All of the material taught is applicable to all forms of dementia. Because everyone and their situation is unique, there's really no way to pin any training material to a specific type of dementia. For instance, hallucinations may be more prevalent in Lewy Body dementia but that doesn't mean someone with Alzheimer's won't hallucinate.



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Interested in a payment plan?
Sign up for 4 payments of $65 = $260 total

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The material and information provided in this course is provided without any guarantees, conditions, or warranties as to its accuracy. The information is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be solely relied on for any legal, financial, diagnostic, or treatment purposes. At all times, the proper professionals should be consulted. Together in This does not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in this course.