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A Free, One-Hour Online Class

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Reduce Undesirable Behaviors
with Improvements to the Home

- Keep Your Loved One at Home
Longer, Safer, Happier

During This Online Class
 You Will Learn How To:

  • Change the mood of the home and maintain a loving relationship when you transform your home with an orderly approach
  • Create more "me time" by eliminating behavioral triggers in your home environment
  • Lift each other's spirit by fostering a stimulating environment of enrichment and purpose
  • Increase your peace of mind by incorporating dementia-specific safety measures

Without proper training, can you realistically keep them safe, happy, and enriched in their current home environment?


Mike Good

Hi. When I started Together in This, I knew I wanted to create something different - a better way for families to learn about Alzheimer's and other dementia.

I want to help you implement strategies that have the potential to slow the disease, while allowing your relationship with your loved one to remain strong.

This class is intended to empower you to maximize the safety and well-being of your loved one, while maintaining your own health and livelihood, and thereby, delaying the need for expensive assisted living.


  • “Great information. Thank you for explaining it in “real talk”. Looking forward to much more.”

    Care partner for her parents

  • “This training was very helpful. I hope it is recorded. I would like other people to hear it!”

    Caregiver for father-in-law

  • “Thank you for this informative and personal webinar. Always appreciate the sharing!”

    Dementia Care Practitioner

"Thanks so much for this week’s webinar. It was so informative and I loved the informal style – so refreshing."

Dementia care professional

"Thank you for this webinar. I would love to be notified of others you have. I find you delightfully sane and reasonable."

Caregiver to mom for 10 years

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A Free, One-Hour Online Class

Register Now to See the Replay!

Online Empowerment Classes